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How to Adjust the Valve of Purified Water Equipment

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Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced water treatment technology at present. The desalination rate of its components can reach more than 99%. More and more people have recognized this technology, and pure water equipment is the application of this technology, so the water quality of pure water equipment is high.

With the increasing efficiency of water purification equipment, it has been unanimously recognized by more and more users. The users must have a deep understanding of the equipment before purchasing the equipment, in order to be more comfortable in the future use process.

purified water equipment

1. Open the sanitary valve of the safety filter, open the inlet valve of high-pressure pump of purified water equipment.

2. Open the valve ring of the high-pressure pump.

3. Open the reverse osmosis inlet valve ring of purified water equipment.

4. Three and a half times the rotation of the needle valve of the concentration water pipe.

5. Open the outlet valve of purified water equipment completely, the production of water and the outlet valve of concentrated water.

6. All sampling and cleaning valves are closed.

7. Display all pressure valves in a semi-open state on the purified water equipment.

Pure water system uses the way of water supply with different quality, so sanitary pressure reducing valve, sanitary pressure relief valve and sanitary butterfly valve should be installed on the return water pipe of high area to connect with the return water pipe of low area.

Valve operation management quality requirements include:

Valves should be closed tightly or basically tightly.

Valve packing does not drip or leak.

The valve opens and closes easily and the indication is in good condition.

Daily management of the sanitary butterfly valve with the soft seal in valve operation pipe includes examination and approval records of valve opening and closing operation orders, opening and closing records of periodic weekly inspection of the valve, etc. For the clamp type, hard seal butterfly valve which has not been operated for a long time, according to the size of caliber, different weekly overhaul is determined. Generally, it is selected in the low peak period of water use, and the number of opening and closing activities can be picked up. If you want to complete the closing operation, you should be cautious. For the faults found, it is necessary to put forward the corresponding plan of major and medium repair, and deal with them in time. Especially when the valve can not be opened after closing, it should be treated as a rush to repair the burst pipe.

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