How Can We Extend the Life of Sanitary Butterfly Valve?

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How can we extend the life of sanitary butterfly valve?

Sanitary butterfly valve refers to the sanitary, automatic or manual operation of the butterfly valve. It is widely used in beer, beverage, dairy, fruit juice, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering and many other fields. At present, butterfly valves of DN300 mm or above have gradually replaced gate valves in the world. Compared with the gate valve, butterfly valve has short opening and closing time, small operating torque, little space of installation, and light weight. So, how can we extend the life of sanitary butterfly valve?

In the process of using high-pressure ventilation butterfly valve, the product will inevitably suffer small threats. When small threats accumulate, the ventilation butterfly valve will be damaged, and its life expectancy tends to be shorter. So we have to try to extend the life of the ventilation butterfly valve. When using a butterfly valve, do not operate the valve at a small opening. Because a small opening will make the gap between the throttle smaller, but also exacerbate erosion. Therefore, we had better adjust the opening properly.

Most valves are susceptible to some damage at high temperatures and pressures. We should note that high temperature and pressure can also affect the life of the ventilation butterfly valve. The higher the media temperature is, the shorter the life expectancy it will be. So we have to add the cooling device in the case of high pressure, which will obviously extend the life of butterfly valve.

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