Sanitary Valves Application

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Sanitary valves are used not only in beverage production but also in dairy processing. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the mechanical automation of dairy products processing is also getting higher and higher, but the sanitary valve is still one of the indispensable equipment in the processing of dairy products. It is mainly used to transport, enhance the raw milk or raw milk into the pressure vessel.

The higher the level of automation is in the dairy processing plant, the more important the use and operation of the beverage pump it is. The large volume of raw milk delivered to the milk tank, hot and cold tanks, fermenters and other heating operations require a lot of cooling steam cooling water, automatic cleaning machinery and equipment also requires a lot of water. It is estimated that an ordinary dairy processing plant uses up to a dozen tons of water per liter of processed milk. Such a large amount of water and the products are all processed by the sanitary valve to control the pipeline. Therefore, the rational use of the valve is very important.

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