Sanitary Butterfly Valve Features

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With the development of science and technology, the modern valve gradually replaced the general valve. Butterfly valve is also getting closer to people’s lives. Sanitary butterfly valve has the advantages of the following points:


  1. Sanitary butterfly valve seal uses precious rubber material. The valve plate also uses the latest imported parts. This fully increases the service life of the butterfly valve, and improves the performance of the butterfly valve.
  2. Sanitary butterfly valve body uses a high precision CNC lathe manufacturing. This approach greatly guarantees the reliability of the valve exchange between each other, and avoids the unnecessary trouble as a result of the replacement of the rubber which causes valve performance degradation.
  3. Sanitary butterfly valve body is nested nylon bearing sleeve, greatly reducing the friction of the valve. This also ensures the flexibility of the valve opening.
  4. Sanitary butterfly valve internal parts are made of stainless steel material, and the butterfly valve rubber is made of food-based materials. Therefore, the health quality is very high.
  5. Sanitary butterfly valve handle uses pulling type in its way. And this way of using can withstand strong operating torque which is not easy to break.

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