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Can Sanitary Valves be Installed Upside Down

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General requirements for valve installation

The quality of valve installation directly affects the use of valves in the future. Therefore, construction units and production units should attach great importance to it.

Installation of valves shall be carried out in accordance with the instructions for the use of valves and relevant regulations. In the process of construction, careful inspection and meticulous construction should be carried out. Before installation, the valve should be installed after qualified pressure test, carefully check whether the specifications and models of the valve are in conformity with the drawings, check whether the parts of the valve are intact, whether the opening and closing valves are flexible and free to rotate, whether the sealing surface is damaged, and so on. After confirmation, the valve can be installed.

valve installation

When the valve is installed, the operating mechanism of the valve should be about 1.2m away from the operating ground, which will be in line with the chest. When the center of the valve and the handwheel are more than 1.8m away from the operating ground, the operating platform should be set for the more operated valves and safety valves. Pipeline with more valves, the valves are concentrated on the platform as far as possible for easy operation.

For single valves over 1.8m and not frequently operated, sprockets, extension rods, movable platforms, and movable ladders can be used. When the valve is installed below the operating surface, the elongation rod should be set, and the ground valve should be set up with the ground well. For safety, the ground well should be covered.

The valve stem of the valve on the horizontal pipeline should be vertical upward rather than downward installed. Stem downward installation has the disadvantages of inconvenient operation, inconvenient maintenance, but also easy to corrode the valve accident. Do not install the landing valve askew to avoid inconvenience in operation.

Valves on side-by-side pipelines shall have vacancies for operation, maintenance, and disassembly. The net distance between handwheels shall not be less than 100 mm. If the pipe spacing is narrow, the valves shall be staggered and arranged.

open valve

For valves with large opening force, low strength, high brittleness, and heavyweight, support valves should be set before installation to reduce start-up stress.

When installing sanitary valves, pipe pliers are used for pipes close to the valves, while common wrenches are used for the valves themselves. At the same time, during installation, the valve should be in a semi-closed state to prevent the valve from rotating and deforming.

Correct installation of the valve should make the internal structure conform to the flow direction of the medium, and the installation conforms to the special requirements and operation requirements of the valve structure. In particular, it should be noted that valves with medium flow direction requirements should be installed in accordance with the requirements of process pipelines. Valves should be laid out conveniently and reasonably. Operators are easy to access the valves. For lifting stem valves, all valves should be installed upwards and perpendicular to the pipeline as far as possible.

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