valve in the water supply network

How to Choose the Valve in the Water Supply Network?

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How to choose the valve in the water supply network?

The water supply network is made up of various piping accessories and fittings such as pipes and valves. According to various needs, they are opened and closed every day. The service life and quality determine the normal operation of the pipe network, which plays a pivotal role in the pipe network and must be given great attention.

valve in the water supply network

As the pipe network is the bridge between the water supply enterprises and the majority of users, so you can say: that a water supply enterprise management is reflected in the normal operation of the pipe network. And the normal operation of the water supply network, and is closely related to life and quality.

Whether it plays a sealing role is the basic requirement for it. In practical application, there are various types of seals, such as soft seal, hard seal, valve plate seal, valve body seal, etc.

No matter what kind of seal form is used, the sealing effect cannot be affected. In the selection, be sure to pay attention to the seal form and check its sealing effect with the respective practical applications.

Whether the valve operation is flexible is very important. Flexible operation is not only reflected in the choice of which transmission mode, but also in the machining accuracy of the parts related to the transmission mechanism. For example, in the butterfly valve transmission mode. There are generally two types of transmission – screw nut type and worm gear type.

The general screw nut type is characterized by slow at both ends of the switch, fast in the middle, and better operation, but due to the small dynamic torque of the screw, the operator is not easy to grasp the degree of opening and closing the valve plate, easy to close and still operating the screw twist, break. And worm gear worm type is generally easy to close the over position.

At the same time, the sealing of the gate valve stem, butterfly valve transmission parts of the speed, and torque matching problem is the operation of the most difficult problem. Therefore, the choice of which transmission method should be based on the situation of each water supply enterprise, and after listening to the views of the operator, work closely with the manufacturer to make the choice of both flexible operation and to meet the needs of use and work.

How To identify the material of the valve?

Playing spectrum

It is the more mature test method on the market, for the valve material content statistics of various elements, and then check the corresponding material standard grades.

Spark identification

The valve material can be identified by the steel friction on the grinding wheel when the powder, thus flying into the air oxidation formed by the sparks of material identification. Valve different materials appear spark brightness and color are different. But this way of detection method is not accurate, need to play with the spectrum to be more accurate together.

Cross-sectional identification

Through the sample section gloss and particle size and angles to determine the material. Different elemental content of the material presented by the cross-sectional particles and luster are significantly different.

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