How to Deal With Common Faults of Sanitary Butterfly Valve

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There are many Common Faults in the process of using sanitary butterfly valve.
The biggest problem of sanitary butterfly valve is the sealing surface of the aging failure.

First, there are other impurities when using the butterfly valve.
Second, it is difficult to tight the opening and closing part of butterfly valves.
How to better maintain sanitary butterfly valve? The first step is to choose a good material, it is very important, there is a regular cleaning process, do not accumulate too much impurities, it is more difficult to clean up.

Maintenance Technique of Sanitary Butterfly Valve
Sanitary valve repair methods are and valve repair facilities are the most critical choices.
Sanitary butterfly valve repair facilities are diversified, but according to the functions of the valve repair facilities, it can be divided into: general health-level valve repair facilities and common valve repair facilities.

General sanitary butterfly valve repair facilities are varieties of valve repair machinery, the characteristics are low profit, wide range of sanitary valves, but the absolute requirements for the valve repair experience is more stringent, high demand for the length of the valve repair technician, the frequency of valve repair and scrap rate is very low.

Common valve repair facilities is the table for the sanitary valve repair category developed public training machine, its characteristics are: Sanitary valve repair waste rate and valve repair frequency is very high, there is no demand for amateur sanitary valve repair technician, there is no demand to dominate the amateur sanitary valve repair methods; However, the normal price is more expensive.

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