Sanitary Fittings in Our Daily Life

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The Use of Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipe Fittings in Family Life
Modern civilized society has high requirements on the quality of life, and the relationship between people and stainless steel is inseparable from the kitchen inside, kitchen knife counters, hand sinks.
Living room: coffee table also has stainless steel with accessories, and then lighting will use stainless steel with accessories.

Bathroom: The shower head is made of stainless steel. The faucet switch is also made of stainless steel. Even the windows and doors are stainless steel.
The reason why the application of stainless steel products is so extensive, there are several characteristics, Sanitary pipe fitting is featured by resistance to corrosion, refers to the salt spray test like the second tensile, softness, generally 90 ° 180 ° 360 ° bending three hardness, the hardness of the product is generally used in the auto parts. In recent years, food and medical equipment is also very extensive in the dairy industry.

The Position of Stainless Steel Sanitary Valve Fittings in the Pharmaceutical Equipment
Stainless steel sanitary valve fittings play an important role in the pharmaceutical equipment, the equipment has been able to basically meet the needs of national economic development, but the basic components can not meet the host matching requirements, has become the constraints of stainless steel sanitary valves fittings in the development of major equipment for pharmaceutical equipment bottleneck.

The main problems are:
Stainless steel sanitary valve fittings are the important parts and components in the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment manufacturing, basic common technology research and development and experimental inputs are scattered, with weak technical foundation.
Mechanical basic components industry market entry threshold is low, effective industry supervision and lack of corporate self-regulation, with international competitiveness of enterprises and less well-known brands. The manufacturing capacity is seriously inadequate.
Stainless steel sanitary valve fittings lack of basic data accumulation of pharmaceutical equipment, process control and process assurance capacity is not balanced, new products are difficult to enter the market. Stainless steel sanitary valve fittings are the basic parts of pharmaceutical equipment.

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