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How to Prevent Sanitary Fittings from Rusting?

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The sanitary fitting is a kind of fitting with high sanitary grade, and its main material is stainless steel. Since it is a sanitary stainless steel fitting, it cannot be used as a sanitary product if it is rusted. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the rusting of sanitary stainless steel fitting. Several effective methods to prevent rust in sanitary stainless steel fitting are introduced below.

No contact with other metals

Sanitary stainless steel fittings will be subject to foreign metal attachment and rust, such as fixed screws. It may not be very serious at first, but it is easy to clear the rust by wiping it with sea surface or cloth and adding a neutral cleaning agent. Be careful not to leave the cleaning solution on it after cleaning.

If you do not pay attention at the beginning, the sanitary fittings will show the serious rust state of tawny later. In this case, some stainless steel cleaning solution or 15% nitric acid can be diluted to remove the rust.

Sanitary Fittings

Rust caused by gas

The surface of sanitary fittings is easy to be polluted in some factories or in the street traffic volume environment, and sometimes there are spots of rust. Most of these conditions are affected by the exhaust gases from cars, heating, and cooling. When pollution is light, use a neutral cleaning agent or soap and water; if used in such an environment for a long time, the sanitary fittings should be cleaned regularly.

Effect of environment

In coastal areas such as the front of the sea wind blows, stainless steel will also produce red rust in the short term, and even rusting faster than in other areas. If you can’t avoid these problems, use a more corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel and do cleaning regularly.

Rust caused by hand dirt or fingerprints

If you can’t remove it with a neutral cleaning agent, wipe it with a sponge, cloth, or organic solvent. If this method still cannot be completely cleared, then use stainless steel cleaning liquid. To sum up, it is necessary to do a fresh water rinse after cleaning with various cleaning methods.

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