high performance butterfly valve

What is High Performance Butterfly Valve

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A Sanitary butterfly valve is widely used in food machinery.

Welding butterfly valve

The welding butterfly valve is a kind of butterfly valve, the production process for the stainless steel food polishing products can reflect the shadow, more hygienic clean, it is also called a health-class butterfly valve, a light butterfly valve, and a heavy industrial butterfly valve is relative.

high performance butterfly valve

Stainless steel butterfly valve

Stainless steel butterfly valve works with the circular disc as the opening and closing parts and with the valve stem to open, close, and adjust the fluid channel of a valve. Butterfly valves were installed in the pipe diameter direction.

In the butterfly valve body cylindrical channel, the disc-shaped butterfly plate around the axis of rotation, the rotation angle of 0 ° ~ 90 ° between the rotation to 90 °, the valve is the brand fully open state.

Characteristics of the sanitary butterfly valve product

1, sanitary butterfly valve rubber seals and valve plates are imported pieces to ensure the use of butterfly valve performance and service life;

2, the use of high-precision CNC lathe fine body valve to ensure reliable interchangeability of the butterfly valve, replacing the rubber replaced by the use of performance cannot guarantee the trouble;

3, stem inlaid nylon sleeve, reducing friction and thus open flexible and easy;

4, steel pieces are made of stainless steel, rubber, food rubber, high-quality health;

5, the valve body diameter and diameter of the pipeline diameter, when the opening is narrow and streamlined valve plate and the fluid in the same direction, large flow resistance and no accumulation of materials;

6, the handle pull type and pull type, can withstand greater operating torque, not easy to pull off;

7, opening and closing range of 0 ~ 90 °, can be fixed at every 15 ° position, with adjustable, and open and close quickly, easy to operate;

8, the valve body are a removable connection, simple structure, easy maintenance;

9, modeling light and handsome, bright surface without sticky dust, no burrs handle;

10, are subjected to rigorous strength and sealing test to ensure that the quality of sanitary valve products.


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