Sanitary Valves Applications of Adamantvalves

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When processing delicate materials such as pharmaceutical ingredients and cosmetics, you need equipment that handles materials with great care and reliability. The need for sanitary design and cleaning features in place cannot be underestimated. This kind of application is what we do best. Our Adamantvalves sanitary valves are used for a variety of food and beverage products, including meats, condiments, juices, flavors, oils, sauces, syrups, soups, broths, jams and jellies, chocolate and confectionery and dairy products. Adamantvalves are also used for many cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical formulas. All sanitary valves are available with various optional connection fittings, such as sanitary fittings, sanitary fittings, I fittings, flanged fittings, solder fittings and NPT fittings.

Adamantvalves offers valves that meet health and safety requirements for industries that require thorough cleanliness without contamination. Our range of food grade valves is used in a range of facilities that process dairy products, sweets and soft drinks. In addition, Adamantvalves offers generalized solutions for cosmetic and pharmaceutical plants that require high standards of purity. By offering a variety of polished valves in sanitary design with cavity filled seats, Adamantvalves is able to provide flow control solutions for both raw ingredients and finished products. In particular, our unique three-way sanitary valve is suitable for a wide range of process applications. It has a direct mount actuator pad and a high cycle rod seal design.

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