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California Ice Cream Products Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

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Fresno company Helados La Tapatia Inc, California has announced the withdrawal of all their food products after a potential health threat from Listeria bacteria, the company found the presence of listeria monocytes in their products that have been distributed to food stores in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Guam and in Canada.

listeria food

The products are being sold by the name of Helados La Tapatia and Icesations, while the consumers are told not to buy any of the company products for a possible health risk, the products include ice cream, fruit bars, fruit cups, and popsicles.

The contamination was identified during a scheduled assessment and inspection by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the inspectors reported the existence of bacteria on the food processing apparatus and equipment. Some of the most common sanitary stainless steel check valve applications are used in dairy processing, brewing, and wine and spirits making. The production in the plant has been suspended to date while the experts are still searching for the source of the problem. Although no illness or health concern has been reported anywhere in the areas the fruit and ice cream manufacturing company is voluntarily recalling all the products from the market.

A company representative who didn’t reveal her identity claimed that the recalled products may be over thousands in number. This news has caused major concern, especially to the natives of Fresno.

Listeria bacteria are an organism that can affect children and people with a frail immune system which can cause a miscarriage in expectant women. It can cause severe headaches and high-temperature fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, listeriosis causes 1,600 illnesses and is a cause of 260 deaths every year.

The company has appealed to return all the products with a facility to give a full price refund. The company can be contacted by toll-free numbers and by email.

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