food safety regulators


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Helados La Tapatia, Inc., an ice cream and fruit delicacies maker in Fresno California has recently been summoned to return all of its products due to suspicion of contamination with Listeria Monocytogenes. The Fresno Company is working in tight cooperation with federal food-safety regulators.

food safety regulators

The food products were distributed to retail stores in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Canada, and Guam. These products include ice cream, popsicles, fruit bars, fruit cups, and flavored ice sticks, which are under the brand names Helados La Tapatia and Icesations.

The company implemented the recall because of the findings of the U.S. Food and Administration during its routine inspection. They have discovered present bacteria on several pieces of food-processing equipment. However, no complaint has been reported so far, yet while the investigation is still ongoing, the company suspended all of its products for all of its products.

Costumes of the said products have brought up their worries regarding the possible contamination of products their children have consumed.

Listeria is bacteria present in water, soil, and some animals, like chicken and cattle. It causes death for about 260 deaths and 1,600 illnesses in the United States yearly. Listeria, unlike other bacteria, can survive inside the coldness of the refrigerator. It can only be killed by pasteurization.

Valves are essential tools in the fight to keep pathogens away from food products. The tight shut-off capabilities of the 3 way sanitary ball valves and pneumatic butterfly valves help dairy processors prevent leakage and cross-contamination.

The disease caused by listeria is known as listeriosis. Its symptoms include stiff neck, confusion, fever, weakness, and vomiting sometimes comes after diarrhea. Listeriosis may cause greater risk with certain people, particularly children, older adults, pregnant women, and those with the weak immune system.
The Fresno Company is exhorting customers to return their products to the store where they have bought them for a full refund.

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