Valve Used in the Fire Pipe Precautions

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  1. When the diameter of fire pump outlet is greater than 300mm, a single manual opening and closing valve should not be chosen. Valves should have obvious signs of opening and closing. Remote control valve is the best to have a quick opening and closing function with a sealed and reliable performance.
  2. Normally open or normally closed valve should be set locking device, and the control valve and the valve that needs to open and close should be set to open and close indicator. Involved in the control valve remote control linkage control system, which signal should be transmitted to open and close control chamber system.
  3. The valve on the dry powder pipe should choose a ball valve, and the diameter must be consistent with the pipe diameter.
  4. The pipe should be made of corrosion-resistant materials or anti-corrosion treatment of the outer wall of the pipe.
  5. Rinse ports should be provided in suitable locations for pipes using foam, foam or sea water. At the top of the pipe that may trap air, an automatic vent valve should be provided.
  6. In the foam ratio mixing device, there should set up a bypass of the test interface.

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