The Features and Uses of Hydraulic Slow Closure Ball Valves

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Hydraulic slow closure sanitary ball valves have small flow resistance coefficient, high degree of automation, wide range of functions, stable and reliable performance. These features have been applied in all kinds of industries and fields. Its main applications include:

1. It can replace the functions of electric gate valve and sanitary check valve at the outlet of the water pump, which integrates the machine, electric and liquid system, reducing the area covered and infrastructure spending.
2. Electro-hydraulic control function is complete. It can be debugged and controlled as a stand-alone system on site without additional configuration. It can also be used as a device unit of Distributed Control System (DCS), managed by central computers through I/O channel, to achieve coordinated operation with pumps, hydraulic turbines, bypass valves and other pipeline equipment. And it also can be manually operated. The valve can be manually opened and closed even without power supply, meeting the debugging, control requirements of valves under special working conditions.
3. Highly controllable, wide range of adjustment, highly adaptable. The electro-hydraulic control system has multiple regulating points. According to different pipe control requirements, the opening and closing program can be set up to ensure that the valve can automatically open and quickly close or slowly close based on pre-defined time and angles when the valve opening and closing requirement is met. And the valve can also be closed without electricity, which effectively eliminates destructive water hammer, prevents accidents like runaway pumps and hydraulic turbines, reduces the pressure fluctuations in the pipeline systems, ensures the safe and reliable running of the equipment.
4. The main valve sealing surface is triple eccentric metal sealing or double eccentric rubber sealing. Its opening and closing is easy, and the sealing is reliable. And there’s an additional increased eccentricity, enabling the valve to have a good self-closing and self-sealing performance. Medium and small-diameter ball plates are designed into streamlined flat structure, large-diameter ball plates are designed into double-plate truss structure. The squeezing is small, the water flow is smooth, the valve flow resistance coefficient is only 0.1 to 0.6, which is much smaller than that of the check valves (1.7 to 2.6). Energy-saving effect is obvious.

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