Self-operated Sanitary Pressure Control Valve Features

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Self-operated sanitary pressure control valve is a kind of hydraulic working condition balance valve that keeps the pressure difference of the controlled system constant without relying on outside power. It has the following features:

  1. It can make the controlled system pressure constant.
  2. It supports the autonomous regulation of the controlled system, and it also excludes the influence of fluctuation of external pressure difference on the controlled system.
  3. It uses advanced technology diaphragm, the theoretical error is zero, and it can withstand 0.8MPa pressure.
  4. It uses advanced stepless voltage regulator structure whose adjustable pressure drop ratio reaches 25 to 1.
  5. When the controlled system is without self-regulation, it has a self-flow control valve function. The set method of flow control cannot only adjust the size of the control pressure difference, but also adjust the resistance of the controlled system.
  6. It has to eliminate the clogging function. When the control pressure difference is at the maximum, the valve is fully opened. Thus dirt clogged in the double valve will be removed by the media pressure. The method is to close the ball valve guide tube for 3 to 5 minutes.
  7. Its control pressure differential accuracy is ± 5.

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