Stainless Steel Three Way Ball Valve- An Overview

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Three way stainless steel ball valve is characterized by small fluid resistance, simple structure, small volume, light weight, wide application range and other advantages. Stainless steel three way ball valve and flanged gate valve belong to the same type of valve. The difference is that the closing piece is a sphere, and the ball rotates around the center line of the valve body to open and close a valve.

Ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to do cutting, distribution and change the direction of flow medium. Today, hundreds of small valve network will take you to understand the valve industry in the stainless steel three pass valve of some of the performance characteristics and principles of operation.

Stainless steel three way ball valve works: the valve is characterized by small size, can be made large caliber, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance, sealing surface and spherical often in the closed state, the media can not easily be eroded, widely used in various industries.

One, the opening process:
A, in the closed position, the sphere of mechanical pressure by the stem, pressed on the seat;
B, when the handwheel is counterclockwise, the stem is the reverse movement, the bottom of the angular plane to disengage the ball seat;
C, stem continues to be improved, and with the stem of the spiral groove of the guide pin the interaction, the ball began to spin without friction;
D, up to the fully open position, the valve stem to the limit position, rotate the sphere to the full open position.

Two, the closing process:
A, when closed, the hand wheel clockwise, the stem began to decline and to leave the seat to rotate a sphere;
B, continues to rotate handwheel, stem were embedded in the spiral groove of the guide pin, the stem and ball are rotated 90 degrees;
C, is about to close, the ball has been in the case of no contact with the seat rotated 90 degrees; D, hand rotation of the last few laps, the stem at the bottom of the angular plane mechanical wedge pressure sphere, so closely pressed on the seat to be completely sealed. This kind of valve should be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

There is no friction between opening and closing:
It completely solves the problem that the traditional valve affects the sealing because of the friction between the sealing surface; the low torque design. Special structural design of the valve stem, with only a small hand, the valve can easily open and close; wedge seal structure. Valve is provided by the stem of the mechanical force, the ball wedge to the seat and seal, so that the valve sealing is not affected by changes in pipe pressure, in various conditions, sealing performance has a reliable guarantee; single seat design.

The utility model eliminates the problem that the medium of the valve in the valve is affected by the abnormal voltage increase, and the self-cleaning structure of the sealing surface. When the ball roll off the seat when the fluid in the pipeline along the sealing surface of the sphere into 360 degrees evenly through, not only eliminates the high speed fluid on the seat of local scour, also washed away the sediment on the sealing face, achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Three way stainless steel ball valve has the following advantages:
1 fluid resistance is small, the equivalent pipe resistance coefficient with the length of
2; has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight;
3 closely reliable, current valve sealing surface material widely used plastic, good sealing in the vacuum system has also been widely used;
4 convenient operation open and close rapidly, from fully open to fully closed as long as 90 degree rotation, facilitate remote control;
5 ball valve has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, seals are generally activities, the removal of the replacement is more convenient;
6 in the fully open or fully closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, through the media, not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface;
7 is suitable for a wide range, from small diameter to a few millimeters high, a few meters from the high vacuum high pressure can be applied. Pneumatic three pass ball valve only need to use pneumatic actuator, with air source rotation, 90 degrees of operation and a small rotation torque can be closed tight.

It is generally considered that the ball valve is the most suitable for direct use. The main features of the valve itself is compact, easy operation and maintenance for water, solvents, acids, and natural gas general working media, but also applies to poor working conditions of media, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene.

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