How to Clean Sanitary Ball Valve

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Cleaning and dismantling methods of sanitary ball valve:
Sanitary ball valve demolition and assembly tools, in addition to universal screwdriver, adjustable wrench and hammer, there are the following common tools:
1. Fixed wrench: it can only pull a standard nut or bolt, the wrench and wrench, compared to the damage is not easy to nuts and bolts. It is split open wrench, integral wrench and plum blossom.
2. Health-class ball valve socket wrench: It is from the size of the plum wrenches ranging from the composition. It is difficult to operate.
3. Lock wrench: lock wrench, sub-fixed hook wrench, active hook wrench and U-shaped locking wrench. It is used to assemble the nuts on the support.
4. Health class ball valve special wrenches: a fried round wrenches and throwing moment drummer. The ratchet wrench does not need to change the angle. Torque wrench, also known as measuring force waving. When pulled force, the elastic rod deformation, the greater the deformation the greater the force. The deformation of the elastic sweat to move the dial, the pointer refers to the amount of torque is measured * This wrench can avoid excessive force, damage to parts, electric ball valve is commonly used to measure the preload of the gasket.
5. Health-class ball valve hand wheel wrench: it is below the pipe and round steel welding system, we commonly used handwheel switch.

Sanitary ball valve applications:
1. Sanitary ball valve is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, dairy, biochemical, cosmetics, electronics and other clean systems.
2. Sanitary ball valve can be installed on the equipment or pipe, open or close the flow channel, control medium flow.
3. Sanitary ball valve can also be used for corrosion resistance requirements of the place.

The main features of sanitary ball valves:
Flow resistance is relatively small; larger pressure and higher temperatures, stainless steel flange ball valve can be completely sealed.

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