sanitary diaphragm valves

How to Classify Sanitary Diaphragm Valve And Ball Valve

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The classification of sanitary diaphragm valve:
According to connection classification, the diaphragm valve can be divided into thread diaphragm valve, flange diaphragm valve, welding sanitary diaphragm valve, the folder clip, and clamp diaphragm valve, and diaphragm valve sleeve.

sanitary diaphragm valves

According to the structure of the sanitary diaphragm valve and its closure by the relative displacement of the valve seat, it can be divided into Swing diaphragm valve, lift diaphragm valve, butterfly diaphragm valve, pipe-type diaphragm valve, the empty row of non-return Valve, slow-closing diaphragm valve, non-wear ball diaphragm valve, float-type fluorine plastic diaphragm valve, high-efficiency silent diaphragm valve, flow buffer diaphragm valve.

The classification of sanitary ball valve:

1) According to the connection points and connection, sanitary ball valves can be divided into threaded cocks, and flange cocks.

2) According to the structure of the sanitary valves, it can be divided into the form of cylindrical plug valve, tapered plug valve, three-way ball valve, angle type sanitary ball valve, high-temperature plug valve, or fireproof sanitary ball valve.

3) According to the sealing method, it can be divided into the sealed tight valve, filling type sanitary ball valve, self-styled sanitary ball valve, oil-lubricated sanitary ball valve, or soft seal sanitary ball valve.

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