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Gender Targeting with Personalized Packaging

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A study of more than 500 marketers and packaging professionals has suggested that, unlike men, women respond to personalized packaging that is gender-specific. It further suggests that women are four times more capable of purchasing food and beverage products that are branded in a certain appealing way that favors their gender.

personalized packaging

Does it Work?

Even organizers easy Fairs conducted a poll that suggested the same with 43% of people polled affirming that women preferred branded packaging that was favorable to their personality. Women were more capable of being attracted to gender-specific packaging said 37% of the respondents as opposed to the 10% who quoted the same behavior for men. The event director at easyFairs Alison Church says that gender-specific packaging is a marketing tool likely to increase product penetration and consequently sales.
This is because brand personalities help consumers identify with the set values with many products using this tramp card to target a specific group of people mainly along gender lines. Church further gives examples like ‘Yorkie – it’s not for girls’, ‘Lambrini girls just want to have fun and ‘McCoy’s – man crisps’ that are successful after clearly and explicitly targeting a certain gender and they were effective as they skyrocket brand awareness and the companies bottom line.

The color pink has always been associated with girls while blue with boys; this has been ingrained in most people since birth that it has become a mantra to live by. Therefore, the cliché is stuck, and the packaging for different products is set along these lines making for an easy marketing gimmick that is preferred by different genders.

29% of people surveyed said that a company that adopted gender-neutral packaging was highly likely to lose sales with 28% believing that packaging that targeted a specific gender was a smart marketing tool. 39% consider going neutral by using the pack gender bias might be a way to improve sales. 33% believed that the increase of neutral way of packaging that doesn’t target a specific gender should be considered.

Where the problem comes in

Towards the end of last year, the retail chain giant Marks & Spencer concurred with the customer complaints to make its toy packaging gender-neutral by spring 2018. This is one of the issues that arise when this marketing gimmick plays on stereotypes. Brand managers should, therefore, work towards catching the target market or shopper’s eye regardless of their gender.

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