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If you are still wondering about the mystery that which food is healthier for you, your search will end here. To know the answer to your question you will have to do a little more understanding which makes you educate about the food and its nutritional valve that we eat. Generally, organic food carries much more caloric values than processed food safety

There is a wide difference between organic food and processed food from the point of its production to its consumption. Organic food is clean, fresh, safe, and health-promoting and contains no artificial and synthetic chemicals. It is also produced in a way as natural as possible by using environment-friendly methods and technology. Organic foods are produced without the application of any pesticide, fertilizer or even chemicals. However, processed food is artificial and added with synthetic chemicals, flavours or colours. As the name suggests, processed food goes through various processes including freezing, chopping, canning, preserving or dehydrating etc. during this process, many chemicals, texturants, flavours or colours are used to make the product taste good and marketable also. Some processed foods are considered junk food which is high in sugar and saturated fat. It can be a valid cause of type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, tooth decay and obesity etc.

Organic food is safer or healthier than conventional food. Selenium is one of the antioxidant nutrients that protect us from damage by environmental chemicals. It is proactive against CANCER and HEART disease. It was found to be an average of 390% higher in Organic Foods. Calcium is another ingredient which helps in the development of bone and other vital organs .this is mostly found in organic food but not in processed or conventional food.

Processed food should be avoided for consumption especially for children as this may cause many diseases at their tender age. Some common diseases are obesity, overgrowth, lack of concentration, eye-site problem etc.

While you go for processed food, it is not always unhealthy and unhygienic. But it should be properly packed with details of nutritional values of that stuff inside the packet itself.

There are cases of improper food safety that lead to death after an extended illness. Hence, the importance of food should not be underestimated as this may cause you and your dear ones to serious illness.

Therefore you can easily realise the difference between industrial and organic foods very well. For the betterment of the health of your family, you should be considered when eating and buying food to eat.

When wandering the grocery store aisles, it’s easy to forget that for every colourful package that sits on the shelves, a myriad of processes goes into preparing the foods inside. Whether it’s cereal, breakfast pastries, cookies, or canned peaches, everything must be either steamed, dehydrated, pulverized, pasteurized, or otherwise treated to fit into the cans, boxes, and cellophane packages. For every one of those processes, stainless steel check valves are employed in many ways.

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