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What are the Applications of Valves in Our Life?

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The use of valves is very wide, whether it is electric power, petrochemical, coal chemical, aerospace, transportation, as well as urban agriculture, people’s lives, and other aspects need various types of valves. In the national economy, valves are indispensable accessories, both factories and mines need to use a variety of pipelines to transport different media.

ball valves

Steel plants, oil refineries, power plants, chemical plants, oil fields, and gas fields, are equipped with many drinks of water, steam, air, oil, natural gas, coal dust, and other corrosive media pipelines; coal mining, coal mining, oil, and natural gas extraction, the newly developed nuclear power, ethylene, PTA, synthetic rubber, synthetic plastics, synthetic fibers are inseparable from the valve.

What are the common applications of valves in our life?

1、Power industry

Many power plants use fossil fuels and high-speed turbines to generate electricity. Gate valves are the first choice for power plant open/close applications. Sometimes other valves are also used, such as globe valves. High-performance sanitary ball valves are widely popular for use in the power industry.

2、Water plants

Water plants require relatively low-pressure levels and ambient temperatures. Since the water temperature is ambient, rubber seals and elastomers can be used that are not suitable elsewhere. These types of materials can be achieved by sealing the installation of water valves to prevent water leakage.

3、Off-shore industry

Piping systems for offshore production facilities and oil rigs contain a large number of valves. These valve products have a variety of specifications and can cope with all flow control challenges.

4、Wastewater treatment

Wastewater pipelines collect waste solids and fluids and direct them to wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater treatment plants use low-pressure piping and valves to work, and in many cases, the requirements for wastewater valves are more lenient than clean water requirements.

5、Oil and gas production

Gas and oil wells and their production facilities use many heavy-duty valves. Valves used for wellhead equipment are subjected to high temperatures and extremely high pressures. Valve piping assemblies often contain special shutoff valves and gate valves. Special shut-off valves are used to regulate the flow from the well. In addition to wellheads, there are facilities on natural gas and oil fields that require valves. These include process equipment used to pre-process natural gas or oil. These valves are usually made of carbon steel and are of low grade.

6、Flowing pipelines

Many important valves are used in these pipelines: for example, emergency pipeline shut-off valves. An emergency valve can isolate a section of the pipeline for maintenance or leakage.

7、Commercial buildings

A large number of pipelines exist inside of a standing commercial building. After all, each building needs water and electricity. For water, there must be a variety of piping valve systems to transport running water, wastewater, hot water, and fire protection facilities.

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