The Product Features of Electric Ventilating Butterfly Valve

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The main product features of electric ventilating butterfly valve include:

1. It has a small operating torque, is easy to operate, requires little effort, is flexible.
2. The design is new and reasonable. The structure is unique. The weight is light. The opening and closing of sanitary butterfly valve is quick.
3. It uses adaptable materials to meet the requirements of low, medium and high medium temperature and corrosive medium, etc.
4. There’s no connecting rod and bolt inside. It’s reliable and has a long service life. It can be installed on multiple stations, not affected by the flow direction of the media.
5. It uses a new structural type that welded centerline butterfly plate with short structural steel plate. Soft sealing butterfly valve has a compact structure, light weight, small flow resistance, large flow amount, and is easily installable.

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