The Overview of Sewage Compound Exhaust Valve

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Sewage compound exhaust valve is used in the highest point on the pipeline or a closed place to empty the gas inside the pipe to clear the channel in order to work normally. If no exhaust valve is installed, the liquid flowing inside the pipe will generate heat, leading to short-circuit, which will make the water output capacity of the pipeline fail the requirements. When power outage occurs when the pipeline is running, negative pressure will occur in the pipeline, causing vibration or rupture of the pipeline. In this case, exhaust valve can quickly absorb the air into the pipe to prevent vibration or rupture of the pipeline.

When water is pumped into the pipe, the plug stays at the opening position, exhaust a great deal of air. When the air is exhausted, the water float inside sanitary valve is floating, and the plug moves to the closed position, stopping exhausting a lot. When the water inside the pipe is normally transmitted, if a small amount of air is accumulated to a considerable extent inside the valve, the water level in the valve drops, and the float drops accordingly, and the air is then discharged from the small hole. When the water pump stops and the water inside the pipe is drained, or when negative pressure is generated inside the pipe, the plug opens, absorbing the air to ensure the safety of the pipelines.

1. Medium: clean water
2. Temperature: room temperature
3. Valve body: gay cast iron HT200
4. Float and plug: stainless steel
5. Sealing material: Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
6. Valve body test pressure: 1.5MPa
7. Float, sealing test pressure: 0.05-1.1MPa watertight

Structural features:
The valve body of sewage compound exhaust valve is drum-type. There are mainly stainless steel float and plug inside it. The valve is installed at the outlet of the pump or in water distribution pipelines to empty a large amount of air accumulated in the pipeline to improve the efficiency of the water pipe and water pump. Once negative pressure occurs inside the pipe, this kind of valve can quickly absorb the air to ensure the safety of the pipeline.

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