The Advantages of Pneumatic Ball Valve

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Pneumatic ball valve is mainly used for shutting off or connecting the medium in the pipeline. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. Compared with other valves, it has the following advantages:
1. The fluid resistance is small. Sanitary ball valve has the smallest fluid resistance among all valves. Even the reduced diameter ball valve has a very small fluid resistance.
2. The thrust bearing reduces the friction torque of the valve stem, which makes the long-term operation of the valve stem smooth and flexible.
3. The sealing performance of the valve seat is good. Sealing ring that is made of elastic materials such as PTFE has a structure that is easy for sealing. The sealing capacity of ball valve increases with the increase in medium pressure.
4. The sealing of the valve stem is reliable. As the valve stem only makes rotation movement and doesn’t make lifting movement, the stuffing sealing of the valve stem is not prone to damage.
5. As materials like PTFE have good self-lubricating property, and the friction loss with the ball is small, ball valve has a long service life.
6. The lower part of the valve stem and the protruding part on the head of the valve stem prevent the valve stem from sticking out. If fire damages the sealing of the valve stem, metal contact can be formed between the protruding part and valve body, ensuring the sealing of the valve stem.
7. Anti-static-electricity function: Placing a spring between the ball, valve stem and valve body can transmit static electricity produced during the process of opening and closing out of the actuating mechanism.

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