How to Ensure Reliable Operation and Quality of Regulating Valve?

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Ensuring reliable operation of sanitary regulating valve not only refers to the quality of manufacturing of regulating valve, it’s also related to the correct calculation of the valve, the selection of the valve, as well as training of operators.

1. In order to prevent faulty operation, the technical staff must pay attention to the nameplate for the precautions. The nameplate of the implementing agency at least needs to show the name of manufacturer, product model, rated flow coefficient, design number, product number and date of manufacture.
2. The arrow indicating the flow direction of the medium, “DN” value and “PN” value will have to be cast on the valve body. They can also be cast on the nameplate firmly fixed to the valve body.
3. Important regulating valve should be equipped with adequate accessories, such as valve positioner, limit switches and so on.
4. There needs to be enough installation space and operating space, enough lighting, strict operating procedures.
5. In order to ensure the quality of regulating valve, the selection of regulating valve needs to go through correct calculation.
1) The type, caliber and other performances need to meet the requirements.
2) All important materials of parts need to be strictly selected.
3) There needs to be enough strength and stiffness; it should be able to pass pressure-resistant test, air tightness test and other tests.
4) The manufacturer’s manufacturing technology and test methods must meet the standards.

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