The Mechanism and Characteristics of Flow Regulating Valve

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The flow regulating valve is a kind of valve that regulates the flow at the throttle opening by adjusting the fluid resistance at the throttle opening to regulate the movement speed of the actuator (hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor). Commonly seen are throttle, speed regulating valve, overflow throttle and flow diverting valve. They are horizontally installed.

The characteristics of flow regulating valve:
Flow regulating valve is a kind of multi-functional valve that uses high-precision piloting to control the flow. It’s suitable for use in pipelines that require the control of flow and pressure. It keeps the preset flow unchanged, limits excessive flow to a predetermined value, and properly reduces high pressure at upper reaches. Even if there’s a change in pressure at the upper reaches of the main valve, it won’t affect downstream flow of the main valve.

The mechanism of flow regulating valve:
Digital flow regulating valve consists of sanitary valve core, manual valve core and display. The display consists of flow valve movement, sensor, transmitter and electronic calculator display.

Its mechanism is very complex. The water flows through the valve, the flow lashes the impeller inside the flow movement, the impeller rotates and has interactions with sensor and transmitter, the sensor emits electronic signal that is proportional to the flow, the electronic signal is sent into the electronic calculator through the wire, the flow value is displayed after being processed by calculator and microprocessor.

Manual valve core is used to regulate the flow. It sets the required flow value according to the displayed value. Automatic valve core is used to maintain a constant flow. When the pipe network pressure changes, under the effect of the pressure, automatic valve core will automatically enlarge or tighten the valve opening to keep the set flow value unchanged.

The selection of flow regulating valve:
It can be selected according to pipeline diameter. It can also be selected according to the maximum flow and the flow range of the valve.

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