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What is Valve and its function?

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There are a wide variety and range of valves available in the market to fit your requirements. You cannot conclude your search by telling this one is good or that a particular valve is not good. It only depends upon your requirement criteria and what kind of valve you are searching for. Each type of valve has its unique nature and functional characteristic to cater to your demand for performing different works.
Multi-turn valves are otherwise called linear motion valves. The closure member has a linear displacement generally by turning its threaded stem several times.

valves function

This operation is slow. However, it gives accuracy and stability to position the closure member, which is necessary to control the flow. Globe valve, Gate valve, Needle valve, fixed cone valve, and Pinch valves are coming under this category of linear motion valves.

The quarter-turn valve is also known as a rotary valve. The closure member has a handle which is being turned 0º-90ºfor shifting from the fully-open position to the fully-closed position.

They are quick opening/closure valves. Actuated butterfly valve, 3 way Ball valve, Spherical valve, Plug valve, are the best example to describe this type of valve.

Flow rate control is determined not by the size of the opening in the valve seat, but rather by the lift of the valve plug. One feature of globe valves is that even if used in the partially open position, there is less risk of damage to the valve seat or valve plug by the fluid than with other types of manual valves. Among the various configurations available, needle type globe valves are particularly well suited for flow rate control.

A storm valve’s main function is to take wastes away from the main sewer line. Each valve features a disc that opens in response to flow that returns back to a seat and closes once the flow has stopped. Therefore, no backflow is allowed in this system.

Another type of valve is vent head valves. They are also known as air vent valves or air pipe heads. It controls the air inside pipes that transport fluids moved by pressure from pumps. Its main function is to reduce flow, turbulence and also reduce damage from shaking pipes by allowing excess air out of the pipe.
Strainer valves are a device that separates liquids from solids, allowing fluid to flow in an application. With its protection ability, these valves are able to prevent blockage of foreign matter which may cause a system failure. They can also be used in air systems to get rid of moisture.

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